Sausages & Burgers

Our Sausages.
Treat your taste buds to the epitome of Yorkshire flavour with our locally sourced sausages at Powe's Butchers and Deli. Crafted from premium cuts sourced from nearby farms, our sausages are a testament to our commitment to quality and community. Each bite encapsulates the essence of our region, delivering a savoury and authentic experience. Enjoy the best Yorkshire on your plate as we bring you the finest, locally sourced sausages for a genuinely delicious culinary journey.

Our Burgers

Savour the taste of authenticity with our locally sourced, handcrafted burgers at Powe's Butchers and Deli. Crafted in-house with the finest locally sourced ingredients, our burgers promise a unique blend of flavours reflecting Yorkshire's heart. From farm to table, each bite celebrates quality, tradition, and the pride we take in delivering a culinary experience like no other. Experience the true essence of Yorkshire with our delicious, handcrafted burgers made with care right in our shop.

Thick Pork Sausages Prices start from: £11.00 per kg
Thick Pork Sausages
Thin Pork Sausage Prices start from: £4.25
Thin Pork Sausage
Pork & Leek Prices start from: £7.50
Pork & Leek
Honey Roast Prices start from: £7.50
Honey Roast
Lincolnshire Prices start from: £7.50
Pork & Black Pudding Prices start from: £7.50
Pork & Black Pudding
Steak Burgers Prices start from: £1.50
Steak Burgers
Prime Steak Prices start from: £1.70
Prime Steak
Chicken Prices start from: £1.50
Lamb & Mint Burgers Prices start from: £2.00
Lamb & Mint Burgers